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Positive Quotes: To stretch the truth is to tell a lie.
Positive Quote: Thus we work not in the light of public opinion but in the secrecy of the chamber; and perhaps the best of us are apt at times to forget the delicacies and sincerities which under these conditions are essential to harmony and honour.
Quotes about Positive: Of little use, the man you may suppose,Who says in verse what others say in prose;Yet let me show a poet's of some weight,And (though no soldier) useful to the state,What will a child learn sooner than a song?What better teach a foreigner the tongue?What's long or short, each accent where to placeAnd speak in public with some sort of grace?
Quote about Positive: If ambitious fantasies make people blush, and sexual fantasies make people blush and feel guilty, fantasies of violence and death may make people blush and feel guilty-and frightened too.
Positive Sayings: It was the first airplane . . . that could make money just by hauling passengers.
Positive Saying: It's only a dogma that hells exists; it isn't a dogma that there's anybody in it.
Sayings about Positive: Perhaps we are only forerunners. Twenty or even a hundred years may pass before the National Socialist idea is victorious; those who believe in the ideal today may die: but what is a man in the development of a people, of mankind.
Saying about Positive: There's no use wasting are energy being afraid of the devils, demons and things that go bump in the night... Because ultimately we'll never encounter anything more terrifying than the monster among us. Hell is where we make it.
Positive Quotes: It's not even about black and white anymore, because so many people are from mixed backgrounds and mixed ethnicities, and it's just a great time to be able to pull all that together.
Positive Quote: I don't believe there's any problem in this country, no matter how tough it is, that Americans, when they roll up their sleeves, can't completely ignore.
Quotes about Positive: This was not some pretty little girl, coyly flirtatious, delicately stimulated. This was the mature female of the species, vivid, handsome and strong demanding that all the life within her be matched. Her instinct would detect any hedging, any dishonesty, any less than complete response to her - and then she would be gone for good.
Quote about Positive: In setting up a business under the name and meaning of the Golden Rule, I was publicly binding myself, in my business relations, to a principle which had been a real and intimate part of my family upbringing. Our idea was to make money and build business through serving the community with fair dealing and honest value.
Positive Sayings: Hey, Dad, you've got to taste what we just did. It's actually good. (Omari) That is good. What did you two do? (Devyn) No idea. We just added spices until it didn't suck anymore. (Omari)
Positive Saying: As an artist, I move along in my life, into whatever things I'm doing, and I hear things where it's like,
Sayings about Positive: The crude product of nature, the object fashioned by the industry of man, acquire their reality, their identity, only to the extent of their participation in a transcendent reality.
Positive Quotes: Our football belongs to the working class and has the size, nobility and generosity to allow everyone to enjoy it as a spectacle.
Positive Quote: Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.
Quotes about Positive: I like to work out. I work out hard when I get to it, but it's so sporadic, I'm not sure it counts at all! I eat pretty much anything, but I eat high-quality food. There was never a packet of chips or box of candy in my house when I was growing up. Ever.