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Francesca Annis Quotes: It's funny, this thing about happiness. It's a commodity that was imported from America in the Fifties. I see myself simply as living my life. . . . I feel it's pushing your luck to define how happy you are.
Francesca Annis Quote: Too often, older women are seen as victims, but I know lots of formidable women who have marvellous jobs as well as a full erotic life, and children and friends and family.
Quotes about Francesca Annis: I can feel the 60S looming. In my profession, I've just moved along with my age. By thinking in decades, rather than whether someone's 42 or 47, you can give yourself a whole 10 years to turn yourself around in.
Quote about Francesca Annis: I was seen dancing at school by a director, who asked me to be in a TV play. And it had a huge impact. So I think thats what really started me off.
Francesca Annis Sayings: I don't think the media circus has ever been a shock to my life seeing as I was with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor when I was 17.
Francesca Annis Saying: After all my various relationships I find myself now home alone.
Sayings about Francesca Annis: I'm often asked if I regret not going to Hollywood. I'm glad I didn't go, because if I had I wouldn't have my extended family, which is the fabric of my life. Only recently have I realised how special and unusual it is.
Saying about Francesca Annis: Sometimes sushi is just superb, and other times there's nothing like a great big steak. It depends where your taste buds are at the time.
Francesca Annis Quotes: I don't believe in expending energy on something you can't do anything about. If there was some easy way of fixing things, I'd probably do it.
Francesca Annis Quote: Some actors get fired up by the sound of the audience. I just want to retreat.
Quotes about Francesca Annis: Roman's wife Sharon Tate had been murdered by Charles Manson the year before, but Roman had been through so much leaving the Warsaw ghetto that he was very strong and private.
Quote about Francesca Annis: So many stars lose their way, and with success become more neurotic, not less so.
Francesca Annis Sayings: I was always going to be a dancer - I drifted into acting.