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Frank Beddor Quote: I'm having the weirdest sense of deja vu right now,
Frank Beddor Sayings: If I lived by some code, my actions would become predictable. The enemy would take advantage of this and I'd be killed. An honorable death doesn't exist. Death is death. But it's funny that survival and revenge require the same thing: no honor codes, no supposed higher principles to aspire to, no mercy
Frank Beddor Saying: If wearing this rag will in any way speed the process of gathering my furture soldiers, then I will waer it. But if it doesn't...
Sayings about Frank Beddor: A Glass Eye leaped out from behind a parcked smail-trasport, blocked thier way.
Saying about Frank Beddor: After the temper subsides and one has a moment to calmly reflect, it isn't uncommon for declarations shouted in a fit of rage to strike one as untrue, and because they may have been hurtful to family, friends, lovers, husbands, or wives, one wishes them unsaid.
Frank Beddor Quotes: Redd laughed.
Frank Beddor Quote: Well now,
Quotes about Frank Beddor: The black, hungry roses that Redd sent snaking towards the princess were easily squashed, the orbs and and unmanned, airborne blades of effortlessly waved off, and the spears of black energy (Alyss was flattered, her aunt borrowing this idea from her) pinned motionless to the air by Alyss's own white spears with no trouble.
Quote about Frank Beddor: Redd stared at the bald head bent down before her. How refreshing Vollrath's sacrifice was. He didn't beg for his life. He didn't embarrasss himself with groveling or sniveling, or appeals to her nomexistent mercy. Thinking that he might still be helpful in finding her Looking Glass Maze, she said,