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Jennifer Coolidge Quotes: When it's going well, stand-up is the best thing in the world, but when it's not, it feels like all your toes are being pulled off one by one.
Jennifer Coolidge Quote: Hair extensions and wigs are not the same thing. Wigs are for old ladies and drag queens. Extensions are for women who want longer hair. To be safe, never bring it up if you think a woman is wearing either. No good comes of it
Quotes about Jennifer Coolidge: I always find the most depressing stuff most interesting.
Quote about Jennifer Coolidge: I have been able to sniff out a phony.
Jennifer Coolidge Sayings: Sexual awareness is american-reunion-jason-biggs-eugene-levy-seann-william-scottpart of growing up. When you're growing up, you can't get away from sex.
Jennifer Coolidge Saying: I don't actually go on the Internet that much.
Sayings about Jennifer Coolidge: Girls are supposed to be feminine and demure. Comedy isn't about that, so you just have to unlearn it. Certain women are so pretty, they can't go weird enough to be funny. You have to be willing to be ugly. I'm lucky my face can look so hideous.