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Jennifer Ellison Quotes: If the press see you looking normal they can suddenly be 'oh, she's got a spot on her face, she's having a bad day'. That can be quite cruel.
Jennifer Ellison Quote: The prima ballerinas who taught me were far more scary than Gordon Ramsay. They'd scream at me and pull my legs and arms, so after them Gordon was a piece of cake.
Quotes about Jennifer Ellison: I eat a lot of chicken with salad or salmon with salad.
Quote about Jennifer Ellison: If it's supposed to be a really passionate snog, you slip the tongue in.
Jennifer Ellison Sayings: I want to be the best mum and I want everything to be perfect - I want a fairy tale really.
Jennifer Ellison Saying: I recently went mad and spent 1,000 in one afternoon on bras and knickers. I love classy, lacy stuff that makes you feel dead sexy knowing you've got it on. I've never worn stockings and suspenders, though. But I could imagine they'd make you feel really sexy worn under something formal. I think I'll save that experience and wear them under my wedding dress.
Sayings about Jennifer Ellison: I was born and brought up in Liverpool with my clever little sister Jemma, who is 14 and wants to be a vet. My mum Jane is an administrator and my dad Peter is a taxi driver.
Saying about Jennifer Ellison: I'm an addict for underwear.