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Jules Verne Quotes: I can undertake and persevere even without hope of success.
Jules Verne Quote: A scholar has to know a little of everything.
Quotes about Jules Verne: I would have bartered a diamond mine for a glass of pure spring water!
Quote about Jules Verne: Why lower oneself to taking pride from being American or British, when you can boast of being man!
Jules Verne Sayings: Man is so constituted that health is a purely negative state. Hunger once satisfied, it is difficult for a man to imagine the horrors of starvation; they cannot be understood without being felt.
Jules Verne Saying: It was all very well for an Englishman like Mr. Fogg to make the tour of the world with a carpet-bag; a lady could not be expected to travel comfortably under such conditions.
Sayings about Jules Verne: So is man's heart. The desire to perform a work which will endure, which will survive him, is the origin of his superiority over all other living creatures here below. It is this which has established his dominion, and this it is which justifies it, over all the world.
Saying about Jules Verne: Civilization never recedes; the law of necessity ever forces it onwards.
Jules Verne Quotes: However, everything has an end, everything passes away, even the hunger of people who have not eaten
Jules Verne Quote: Aures habent et non audient' - 'They have ears but hear not
Quotes about Jules Verne: Ah, monsieur, to live in the bosom of the sea! Only there can independence be found! There I recognize no master! There I am free!
Jules Verne Sayings: Reality provides us with facts so romantic that imagination itself could add nothing to them.
Jules Verne Saying: External objects produce decided effects upon the brain. A man shut up between four walls soon loses the power to associate words and ideas together. How many prisoners in solitary confinement become idiots, if not mad, for want of exercise for the thinking faculty!
Sayings about Jules Verne: No sooner is the rage of hunger appeased than it becomes difficult to comprehend the meaning of starvation. It is only when you suffer that you really understand.
Saying about Jules Verne: I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable.
Jules Verne Quotes: What pen can describe this scene of marvellous horror; what pencil can portray it?
Jules Verne Quote: Science, my boy, is composed of errors, but errors that it is right to make, for they lead step by step to the truth.
Quotes about Jules Verne: We were alone. Where, I could not say, hardly imagine. All was black, and such a dense black that, after some minutes, my eyes had not been able to discern even the faintest glimmer.
Quote about Jules Verne: As for difficulties,