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A Lonely World Quotes: A giant leap starts with a little sprint.
A Lonely World Quote: When life presents you a hundred adversities, find a thousand reasons to strongly rise.
Quotes about A Lonely World: Work hard with the effort of a tiny drop, until it becomes a flood.
Quote about A Lonely World: It's better to have a 10 true friends than be surrounded by a thousand fake ones.
A Lonely World Sayings: Deciding to make a change doesn't require a certain day. You can always start right now.
A Lonely World Saying: Always be yourself. You're not a fake, certainly not a clone.
Sayings about A Lonely World: Give yourself a chance to take a break from work. You deserve to feel refreshed.
Saying about A Lonely World: When you found a reason to give up, think of a thousand reasons not to.
A Lonely World Quotes: Respect is just a word. A word that builds humanity.
A Lonely World Quote: A bad day doesn't guarantee a bad life.
Quotes about A Lonely World: A strong muscle can't defeat a strong heart.
Quote about A Lonely World: All my life I've been lonely. I've been lonely at crowded parties. I've been lonely in the middle of kissing a girl and I've been lonely at camp with hundreds of fellows around. But now I'm not lonely any more.
A Lonely World Saying: Every one of Joel's important songs--including the happy ones--are ultimately about loneliness. And it's not 'clever lonely' (like Morrissey) or 'interesting lonely' (like Radiohead); it's 'lonely lonely,' like the way it feels when you're being hugged by someone and it somehow makes you sadder.
Sayings about A Lonely World: Please, don't go. It's lonely. There's a hole in my head as big as the world and it's so very lonely...
Saying about A Lonely World: I'm only lonely when I'm driving in my car. I'm only lonely after dark. I'm only lonely when I watch my TV. I'm only lonely occasionally.
A Lonely World Quotes: Lonely trees are not lonely; they have their eternal companies: Songs of the birds; shadows of the clouds; lights of the Moon; whispers of the winds... Lonely trees are not lonely!
A Lonely World Quote: They are lonely. I'm not talking about lonely for a lover or a friend. I mean lonely in the universal sense, lonely inside the understanding that we are tiny people on a tiny little earth suspended in an endless void that echoes past stars and stars of stars.
Quote about A Lonely World: Don't be afraid to cry a little, don't be afraid to frown a little. What matters is don't ever give up.