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Afflicted Makes Quotes: It makes you feel good to know that there's other people afflicted like you.
Afflicted Makes Quote: Use makes a better soldier than the most urgent considerations of duty,--familiarity with danger enabling him to estimate the danger. He sees how much is the risk, and is not afflicted with imagination; knows practically Marshal Saxe's rule, that every soldier killed costs the enemy his weight in lead.
Quotes about Afflicted Makes: 'Tis Liberty that crowns Britannia's isle, and makes her barren rocks and her bleak mountains smile... 'Tis Britain's care to watch o'er Europe's fate, and hold in balance each contending state, To threaten bold presumptuous kings with war, and answer her afflicted neighbours' prayer... Soon as her fleets appear their terrors cease.
Quote about Afflicted Makes: The proverb has it that Hunger is the best cook. The Law makes afflicted consciences hungry for Christ. Christ tastes good to them. Hungry hearts appreciate Christ. Thirsty souls are what Christ wants. He invites them: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Christ's benefits are so precious that He will dispense them only to those who need them and really desire them.
Afflicted Makes Saying: You can't comfort the afflicted with afflicting the comfortable.
Sayings about Afflicted Makes: All pioneers are considered to be afflicted with moonstruck madness.
Saying about Afflicted Makes: It is easy when we are in prosperity to give advice to the afflicted.
Afflicted Makes Quotes: A society is only as free as its most oppressed and afflicted members.
Afflicted Makes Quote: Stupid religion makes stupid beliefs, stupid leaders make stupid rules, stupid environment makes stupid health, stupid companions makes stupid behaviour, stupid movies makes stupid acts, stupid food makes stupid skin, stupid bed makes stupid sleep, stupid ideas makes stupid decisions, stupid clothes makes stupid appearance. Lets get rid of stupidity from our stupid short lives.
Quotes about Afflicted Makes: Do nothing in a depressed mood, nor as one afflicted, nor as thinking that you are in misery, for no one compels you to that.
Quote about Afflicted Makes: There's no cure, except the retreat into love, For the suffering of subtly afflicted hearts.
Afflicted Makes Sayings: There is a stupid humility that is quite common and when a person is afflicted with it, he is once and for all disqualified for being a disciple of knowledge.
Afflicted Makes Saying: Civilization is not an incurable disease, but it should never be forgotten that the English people are at present afflicted by it.
Sayings about Afflicted Makes: Once you spend time with [the afflicted], you start recognizing them as individuals, as opposed to lumping them in with everybody else who might have those symptoms.
Saying about Afflicted Makes: MUGWUMP, n. In politics one afflicted with self-respect and addicted to the vice of independence. A term of contempt.
Afflicted Makes Quotes: My comments concerning persons afflicted with AIDS as well as various minority groups have left people wondering if I am a racist.
Afflicted Makes Quote: Poor and afflicted and oppressed people have faces, and we are required to look squarely into them. We can't love what we won't experience.
Quotes about Afflicted Makes: We are all sufferers from history, but the paranoid is a double sufferer, since he is afflicted not only by the real world, with the rest of us, but by his fantasies as well.
Quote about Afflicted Makes: Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions. Art makes questions. Leadership makes actions.