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Affliction By Quotes: Nothing can render affliction so insupportable as the load of sin. Would you then be fitted for afflictions? Be sure to get the burden of your sins laid aside, and then what affliction soever you may meet with will be very easy to you.
Affliction By Quote: Affliction comes to the believer not to make him sad, but sober; not to make him sorry, but wise. Even as the plow enriches the field so that the seed is multiplied a thousandfold, so affliction should magnify our joy and increase our spiritual harvest.
Quotes about Affliction By: The sorrow for the dead is the only sorrow from which we refuse to be divorced. Every other wound we seek to heal - every other affliction to forget: but this wound we consider it a duty to keep open - this affliction we cherish and brood over in solitude.
Quote about Affliction By: You will not find one Godly man who came out of an affliction worse than when he went into it. Though for a little while he was shaken, yet, at last, he was better for an affliction. But, a great many Godly men have been worse for their prosperity.
Affliction By Sayings: As we have said, robust souls are sometimes almost, but not entirely, overthrown by strokes of misfortune....Despair has steps leading upward. From total depression we rise to despondency, from despondency to affliction, from affliction to melancholy. Melancholy is a twilight state in which suffering transmutes into a somber joy....Melancholy is the enjoyment of being sad.
Affliction By Saying: Honor your own journey in life. By that, you'll never be lost.
Sayings about Affliction By: Time is a gift. Don't waste it by feeling bad for yourself.
Affliction By Quotes: Protect your inner light with confidence and trust. By that, it can't be extinguished.
Affliction By Quote: Someday, your story will be heard by many. Make sure that they go home motivated.
Quotes about Affliction By: Negative lives are caused by negative minds.
Quote about Affliction By: You are a star. Don't let your light be extinguished by your problems.
Affliction By Sayings: The strongest relationships can be destroyed by the smallest disputes. Don't let that happen.
Affliction By Saying: It's better to have a 10 true friends than be surrounded by a thousand fake ones.
Sayings about Affliction By: It's a privilege having someone you can share your tears with. Way way better than crying by yourself.
Saying about Affliction By: Under affliction in the very depths, stop and contemplate what you have to be grateful for.
Affliction By Quotes: I would bear any affliction rather than be burdened with a guilty conscience.
Affliction By Quote: Affliction teacheth a wicked person sometime to pray; prosperity never.
Quotes about Affliction By: It is from the remembrance of joys we have lost that the arrows of affliction are pointed.
Quote about Affliction By: Not to be able to stop thinking is an affliction, but we don't realise this because almost everybody is suffering from it.