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And Men Quotes: Know your weaknesses and strengths and use them against adversities.
And Men Quote: Develop and maintain a positive outlook in life. Other people will start seeing and feeling it also.
Quotes about And Men: Life and love are indeed difficult. However, both are beautiful and worth it.
Quote about And Men: Losers only sit there and wish. Winners get out there and work for it.
And Men Sayings: Life may be unfair, difficult and tiring but we have to admit it, it's still good and worth trying for.
And Men Saying: Try and try and try until you're proud of yourself.
Sayings about And Men: If you feel like your life is an empty page, then reinvent yourself and color that page with your hopes and dreams.
Saying about And Men: Herein lies the tragedy of the age: Not that men are poor, - all men know something of poverty. Not that men are wicked, - who is good? Not that men are ignorant, - what is truth? Nay, but that men know so little of men.
And Men Quotes: Commit to yourself and never disappoint.
And Men Quote: Carry your strength and resilience with you.
Quote about And Men: Believe in yourself and nobody can stop you.
And Men Sayings: Happiness is a clearheaded human interaction and empathy.
And Men Saying: Give yourself the chance to learn and grow.
Sayings about And Men: Do good everyday and you'll sleep sweetly.
Saying about And Men: Hardships are but opportunities to improve and grow.
And Men Quotes: 3 steps for success: Will-power, determination and faith.
And Men Quote: Happiness and success are not options, but vital priorities.
Quotes about And Men: Boost your happiness and well-being instead of complaining.
Quote about And Men: Define what you want in life and stay focused.