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And Prejudice Quotes: Know your weaknesses and strengths and use them against adversities.
And Prejudice Quote: Prejudice is not bigotry or superstition, although prejudice sometimes may degenerate into these. Prejudice is pre-judgment, the answer with which intuition and ancestral consensus of opinion supply a man when he lacks either time or knowledge to arrive at a decision predicated upon pure reason.
Quotes about And Prejudice: Develop and maintain a positive outlook in life. Other people will start seeing and feeling it also.
Quote about And Prejudice: Life and love are indeed difficult. However, both are beautiful and worth it.
And Prejudice Sayings: Losers only sit there and wish. Winners get out there and work for it.
And Prejudice Saying: Show me a person without prejudice of any kind on any subject and I'll show you someone who may be admirably virtuous but is surely no gardener. Prejudice against people is reprehensible, but a healthy set of prejudices is a gardener's best friend. Gardening is complicated, and prejudice simplifies it enormously.
Sayings about And Prejudice: Life may be unfair, difficult and tiring but we have to admit it, it's still good and worth trying for.
Saying about And Prejudice: Prejudice is of ready application in the emergency; it previously engages the mind in a steady course of wisdom and virtue, and does not leave the man hesitating in the moment of decision,  skeptical, puzzled and unresolved. Prejudice renders a man's virtue his habit; and not a series of unconnected acts. Through past prejudice, his duty becomes part of his nature.
And Prejudice Quotes: Color had been made the mark of enslavement and was taken to be also the mark of inferiority; for prejudice does not reason, or it would not be prejudice... If prejudice could reason, it would dispel itself.
And Prejudice Quote: Try and try and try until you're proud of yourself.
Quotes about And Prejudice: If you feel like your life is an empty page, then reinvent yourself and color that page with your hopes and dreams.
Quote about And Prejudice: All the Freudian system is impregnated with the prejudice which it makes it its mission to fight -- the prejudice that everything sexual is vile.
And Prejudice Sayings: The only prejudice I've found anywhere in TV is in some advertising agencies, and there isn't so much prejudice as just fear.
And Prejudice Saying: I have a respect for family pride. If it be a prejudice, it is a prejudice in its most picturesque shape. But I hold it is connected with some of the noblest feelings in our nature.
Saying about And Prejudice: Prejudice ... is a subjective emotion which expresses itself upon others only because of an inner necessity for release. The object is irrelevant and opportune. The person who feels prejudice is the victim of himself and his own unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Life is not what he wants it to be and it has not been what he wishes it had been.
And Prejudice Quotes: One thing has not changed: to doubt the worth of minority students' achievement when they succeed is really only to present another face of the prejudice that would deny them a chance to even try. It is the same prejudice that insists all those destined for success must be cast from the same mold as those who have succeeded before them, a view that experience has already proven a fallacy.
And Prejudice Quote: The education that you give to the upper classes will not uproot idolatry and prejudice, for it is amongst the masses that the error and prejudice will always maintain their power, and while you do not uproot those prejudices from the hearts of the masses, a handful of educated Hindus will never be able successfully to reform the country.
Quotes about And Prejudice: The prejudice of unfounded belief often degenerates into the prejudice of custom, and becomes at last rank hypocrisy. When men, from custom or fashion or any worldly motive, profess or pretend to believe what they do not believe, nor can give any reason for believing, they unship the helm of their morality, and being no longer honest to their own minds they feel no moral difficulty in being unjust to others.
Quote about And Prejudice: Profound as race prejudice is against the Negro American, it is not practically as far-reaching as the prejudice against women. For stripping away the sentimentality which makes Mother's Day and Best American Mother Contests, the truth is that women suffer all the effects of a minority.