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As Individuals Rather Quotes: Born as someone, die as somebody.
As Individuals Rather Quote: It doesn't matter how slow you progress. As long as you're moving, that's a step closer to your dreams.
Quotes about As Individuals Rather: I used to comfort myself with the belief that it was only certain individuals and their peculiar notions that spoilt things for the rest of us. But how many individuals does it take before it's not the individuals who are prejudiced but society itself?
Quote about As Individuals Rather: Everything is temporary, so as your dark days.
As Individuals Rather Sayings: Live every day as if it's your last.
As Individuals Rather Saying: Keep a positive attitude as you learn from your failures.
Sayings about As Individuals Rather: If nothing works as planned, learn from it and adjust.
Saying about As Individuals Rather: The little seed grew from dirt. As you will triumph over your struggles.
As Individuals Rather Quote: Let your doubters watch you as you slowly progress.
Quotes about As Individuals Rather: Be imaginative. Visualize your own goals as you move closer and closer to them.
Quote about As Individuals Rather: Society does not consist of individuals but expresses the sum of interrelations, the relations within which these individuals stand.
As Individuals Rather Sayings: But the other thing is that I feel very confident in the individual pilots. They are tremendous individuals. They are individuals that have sworn to protect and defend our very citizens. That's why we serve.
As Individuals Rather Saying: There is no executive order; there is no law that can require the American people to form a national community. This we must do as individuals and if we do it as individuals, there is no President of the United States who can veto that decision.
Sayings about As Individuals Rather: There is a moral law in this world which has its application both to individuals and organized bodies of men. You cannot go on violating these laws in the name of your nation, yet enjoy their advantage as individuals. We may forget truth for our conv
Saying about As Individuals Rather: The issue, perhaps, boils down to one of how perceptions or misperceptions of racial difference impact various 'individuals', or groups of 'individuals', experience of freedom in America. Some would argue that it goes beyond hampering their
As Individuals Rather Quote: Never allow other people to dictate what you have to do. It's your life. Live it as you will.
Quotes about As Individuals Rather: It is not races but individuals that are noble and courageous or ignoble and craven or considerate or persistent or philosophical or reasonable. The race gets credit when the percentage of noble individuals is high.
Quote about As Individuals Rather: What I'm saying is individuals have better ideas if they're connected to rich, diverse networks of other individuals. If you put yourself in an environment with lots of different perspectives, you yourself are going to have better, sharper, more original ideas. It's not that the network is smart.