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Cast By Quotes: Every last cast is actually a first cast. The first cast and first chance to catch the next fish. The next time you anguish about whether to make that last cast, forget it - the anguish that is - and cast away. The next fish caught on a last cast will not be the first.
Cast By Quote: Time is a gift. Don't waste it by feeling bad for yourself.
Quotes about Cast By: Honor your own journey in life. By that, you'll never be lost.
Quote about Cast By: For to cast away a virtuous friend, I call as bad as to cast away one's own life, which one loves best.
Cast By Sayings: Protect your inner light with confidence and trust. By that, it can't be extinguished.
Cast By Saying: Someday, your story will be heard by many. Make sure that they go home motivated.
Sayings about Cast By: Negative lives are caused by negative minds.
Saying about Cast By: Support Group featured a rotating cast of characters in various states of tumor-driven unwellness. Why did the cast rotate? A side effect of dying.
Cast By Quotes: Casting a film is to me one of the most important things next to the writing. If you cast it properly everything takes place very easily. If you cast it improperly you're fighting an uphill battle.
Cast By Quote: You are a star. Don't let your light be extinguished by your problems.
Quotes about Cast By: Wish you could turn off the questions, turn off the voices, turn off all sound. Yearn to close out the ugliness, close out the filthiness, close out all light. Long to cast away yesterday, cast away memory, cast away all jeapordy. Pray you could somehow stop uncertainty, somehow stop the loathing, somehow stop the pain. Act on your impulse, swallow the bottle, cut a little deeper, put the gun to your chest.
Quote about Cast By: The strongest relationships can be destroyed by the smallest disputes. Don't let that happen.
Cast By Sayings: When we finally had a cast and could see what they could do, here was an opportunity to go back and modify things. We didn't actually do that much modifying, but we did enough to make it feel as if they fit in their own skin, and we got a lot of good input from them. They're a terrific cast. They worked really hard.
Cast By Saying: It's better to have a 10 true friends than be surrounded by a thousand fake ones.
Saying about Cast By: The faculty for remembering is not diminished in proportion to what one has learnt, just as little as the number of moulds in which you cast sand lessens its capacity for being cast in new moulds.
Cast By Quotes: And as Prince Ramil has insulted you by choosing another wife than the one you proposed for him, you'll want to cast him out too,
Cast By Quote: A person's shadow stood for his legacy, his impact on the world. Some people cast hardly any shadow at all. Some cast long, deep shadows that endured for centuries.
Quotes about Cast By: When you're having conversations about actors, you realize these same conversations have happened about you. If you want to make a film for $5m, then you cast A, B and C, but if you want $20m, you won't be able to cast them, you need X, Y and Z.
Quote about Cast By: It's a privilege having someone you can share your tears with. Way way better than crying by yourself.