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Challenge Quotes: In the same way that slavery was a moral challenge for the 19th century and totalitarianism was a challenge for the 20th century, the challenge that women and girls face around the world is the moral challenge of our time.
Challenge Quote: During times of challenge, what you have faith in is what determines what the challenge will turn into. Have faith in the reality of the challenge, and it will birth more challenges. Have faith in the reality of miracles, and the challenge will transform into something else.
Quotes about Challenge: Being able to just stick to our instincts and honor the [Hunger Games] books and find a way to stay the course of trying to make the best possible decisions that you would make creatively on any movie, without having your head turned too much by all of the interest, has been a great challenge. It's the best challenge you could ask for, but that was a big challenge.
Challenge Sayings: The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance.
Challenge Saying: ...the world needs to face up to the challenge of climate change, and to do so now. It is clear that climate change poses an urgent challenge, not only a challenge that threatens the environment but also international peace and security, prosperity and development. And as the Stern report showed, the economic effects of climate change on this scale cannot be ignored, but the costs can be limited if we act early
Sayings about Challenge: It's a physical challenge. It's a spiritual challenge. I'm studying almost every day a different symphony, not returning to any one for a week.
Saying about Challenge: Academics were not a challenge when I was fifteen in college. The challenge was figuring out how to fit in socially.
Challenge Quotes: I think the greatest challenge in environmentalism and the most rewarding challenge is trying to figure out how humans can meet their needs while protecting the environment.
Challenge Quote: The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda...
Quotes about Challenge: I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.
Quote about Challenge: Biomimicry is basically taking a design challenge and then finding an ecosystem that's already solved that challenge, and literally trying to emulate what you learn.
Challenge Sayings: It's really tough for the small farmer to have a successful business. That is the big challenge - all the laws are designed for larger corporations. And that's going to be the challenge in this country; it goes beyond food.
Sayings about Challenge: It's always a challenge bringing a great story classic to the screen. Giving visual form to the characters and places that have only existed in the imagination. But it's the kind of challenge we enjoy.
Saying about Challenge: I challenge you to be the best you can be! I challenge you to behave in ways you've never behaved.
Challenge Quotes: The same fire that hardens the egg will melt the butter; and much depends on the personality type, whether you customarily rise to a challenge or whether you sink. For as long as I can remember, I have been a sinker. One challenge, and I drop like a rock.
Challenge Quote: Responding to the challenge of climate change is the ultimate political test for our generation...Our package not only responds to this challenge, an opportunity that should create thousands of new businesses and millions of jobs in Europe.
Quotes about Challenge: The second challenge is to make sure that, growing up in this culture, they have a healthy view of life and God and Scripture. So, that's my other challenge. So, finding that balance is certainly no easy task but it can be very fulfilling. So, that's part of what we talk about in this book.
Quote about Challenge: It is reasonable to insist that when the government deprives a person of his or her liberty? and in this case for an indefinite period of time? that the individual have a meaningful opportunity to challenge the legality of their detention and challenge whether they are being wrongfully detained.