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Ecstasy Which Has Quotes: There is such a thing as everyday, ordinary, vulgar ecstasy; the ecstasy of anger, the ecstasy of speed at the wheel, the ecstasy of ear-splitting noise, ecstasy in the soccer stadium.
Ecstasy Which Has Quote: The universe is ecstasy. We have many other ways of perceiving infinity. And when you perceive life through these other modes, that's when you see that the universe is ecstasy, That's when you experience its ecstasy.
Quotes about Ecstasy Which Has: Every person has a different story. Stop comparing yourself to them.
Quote about Ecstasy Which Has: To be awake and harmonious creates the possibility for ecstasy to happen. Ecstasy means the ultimate joy, inexpressible; no words are adequate to say anything about it. And when one has attained to ecstasy, when one has known the ultimate peak of joy, compassion comes as a consequence. When you have that joy, you like to share it; you cannot avoid sharing, sharing is inevitable...
Ecstasy Which Has Saying: Who is that is dreaming all of this? Ecstasy, pure ecstasy, joy beyond understanding, bliss beyond the dry dullness of the mind's philosophical ranging, light beyond any light in this world - The substance and the essence of all existence is this light, the transcendental light.
Sayings about Ecstasy Which Has: Ecstasy is a complex emotion containing elements of joy, fear, terror, triumph, surrender, and empathy. What has replaced our prehistoric understanding of this complex of ecstasy now is the word comfort, a tremendously bloodless notion. Drugs are not comfortable, and anyone who thinks they are comfortable or even escapist should not toy with drugs unless they're willing to get their noses rubbed in their own stuff.
Saying about Ecstasy Which Has: Oh, yes! Fill the churches with dirty thoughts! Introduce honesty to the White House! Write letters in dead languages to people you've never met! Paint filthy words on the foreheads of children! Burn your credit cards and wear high heels! Asylum doors stand open! Fill the suburbs with murder and rape! Divine madness! Let there be ecstasy, ecstasy in the streets! Laugh and the world laughs with you!
Ecstasy Which Has Quote: Each of us seeks peace of mind, but we sometimes fear that it means giving up excitement and ecstasy. Peace sounds like contentment, which sounds like settling, letting the fire go out. Actually, peace of mind allows you to go more deeply into the world and consequently to experience more excitement and ecstasy. The fire burns brighter, fueled by awareness instead of anxiety.
Ecstasy Which Has Saying: Art is the communication of ecstasy.
Sayings about Ecstasy Which Has: Beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger.
Saying about Ecstasy Which Has: As I grew older I became a drunk. Why? Because I like ecstasy of the mind.
Ecstasy Which Has Quotes: Existence itself does not feel horrible; it feels like an ecstasy, rather, which we have only to be still to experience.
Ecstasy Which Has Quote: A journal, is a book that shall contain a record of all your joy, your ecstasy, what you are grateful for.
Quotes about Ecstasy Which Has: Now I love the act of creating a new image. When everything comes together, it feels like ecstasy. It's like a climax.
Quote about Ecstasy Which Has: At last He is healed of his self-doubt. Now what is happening ? He is awakening To his souls ecstasy-sun.