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Focused On Quotes: Focus on your energy today and stop dwelling on the past.
Focused On Quote: I'm not nearly as much of a fan of the NBA as I was maybe 10 or 15 years ago, or certainly as I was when I was a player. It's become more entertainment focused, and less focused on the purity of the game.
Quotes about Focused On: I was focused on The Hunger Games movie with my director, with the studio, and with the cast and crew. We all just focused on making the best possible movie we could, and earning the right to do more.
Quote about Focused On: You have to stay focused because a lot of things will break your confidence. But if you stay focused and want it bad enough you can achieve. I know that sounds like a PBS special, but it's true, straight up.
Focused On Sayings: I greatly admire GE, their utterly ruthlessly focused management, to get the cost out and get this integration done.' Okay, we may make a few mistakes along the way but we are not going to waste any time.' They make decisions; they are incredibly disciplined and focused.
Focused On Saying: I think the whole definition of a geek is somebody being passionate and focused, and being proud of saying that they're passionate and focused, on a narrow range of subjects.
Sayings about Focused On: I'm a gay man who came from the last years of illegality. That focused my whole character. I think it focused everyone's character in a way. You saw yourself as outside of the main structure.
Saying about Focused On: Remove the word,
Focused On Quotes: If another problem comes, face it head on.
Focused On Quote: The billable hours is a classic case of restricted autonomy. I mean, you're working on - I mean, sometimes on these six-minute increments. So you're not focused on doing a good job. You're focused on hitting your numbers. It's one reason why lawyers typically are so unhappy. And I want a world of happy lawyers.
Quotes about Focused On: Happiness isn't solely based on the material things.
Quote about Focused On: Succeed on your own merits. Nobody owes you anything.
Focused On Sayings: We do want people to know if in fact we learn of an incident that's focused on a particular city.If we learn of long-term planning, that's focused on a particular industry or infrastructure. And so we feel we have an obligation to let people know if we have information of a credible threat or not.
Focused On Saying: Find your purpose in life and stay focus on it.
Sayings about Focused On: Kristen is really focused and really quiet, as an actress. She just does her thing, but she's cool. I like her. I know a lot of people have mixed comments about her, but I think she's a rad person. She's just focused on what she's doing, as an actress, and she wants to pick the right roles, and she's committed to her craft. She's really cool. We got along. There weren't any tensions or anything.
Saying about Focused On: Don't let the criticisms bother you. Just focus on yourself.
Focused On Quotes: I'm not focused on the outrageousness. I'm just focused on being funny, and raising my kids. I don't even read the newspaper, I don't read that crap.
Focused On Quote: Focus on nothing but your dreams and never look in any direction.
Quotes about Focused On: Someday, you'll look back on your struggles and smile with pride.
Quote about Focused On: Time is a precious thing. Don't waste it on undeserving people.