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Grief Is Selfish Quotes: Unhappiness is selfish, grief is selfish. For whom are the tears?
Grief Is Selfish Quote: The pain is temporary. What lasts is your willpower to endure it.
Quotes about Grief Is Selfish: Whatever the situation is, always be calm. Composure is key to success.
Quote about Grief Is Selfish: All those years I fell for the great palace lie that grief should be gotten over as quickly as possible and as privately. But, what I've discovered is that the lifelong fear of grief keeps us in a barren, isolated place, and that only grieving can heal grief. The passage of time will lessen the acuteness, but time alone, without the direct experience of grief, will not heal it.
Grief Is Selfish Sayings: Immoderate grief is selfish, harmful, brings no advantage to either the mourner or the mourned, and dishonors the dead.
Grief Is Selfish Saying: Grief is selfish. It is indulged in for self-gratification, not for love. Cosmic man knows the beauty and unreality of death.
Saying about Grief Is Selfish: Sometimes, if you can't find a mentor, all you have to do is listen to what is beating there inside your chest.
Grief Is Selfish Quotes: One of the difficulties with grief research is that it risks making certain kinds of grief seem normal and others abnormal - and of course having a sense of the contours of grief is, I think, truly useful, one has to remember it's not a science, it's an individual reckoning, which science is just trying to help us describe.
Grief Is Selfish Quote: Your past is irrelevant. What matters is what you are today and what you will be in the future.
Quotes about Grief Is Selfish: Grief and disappointment are like hate: they make men ugly with self-pity and bitterness. And how selfish they make us too.
Quote about Grief Is Selfish: There is no such impossible goal. The only impossible goal is the one you never worked for.
Grief Is Selfish Sayings: I wasn't good enough for abnegation,
Grief Is Selfish Saying: It is important that when pursing our own self-interest we should be 'wise selfish' and not 'foolish selfish'. Being foolish selfish means pursuing our own interests in a narrow, shortsighted way. Being wise selfish means taking a broader view and recognizing that our own long-term individual interest lies in the welfare of everyone. Being wise selfish means being compassionate.
Grief Is Selfish Quotes: New grief, when it came, you could feel filling the air. It took up all the room there was. The place itself, the whole place, became a reminder of the absence of the hurt or the dead or the missing one. I don't believe that grief passes away. It has its time and place forever. More time is added to it; it becomes a story within a story. But grief and griever alike endure.
Quotes about Grief Is Selfish: The display of grief makes more demands than grief itself. How few men are sad in their own company.
Quote about Grief Is Selfish: She heard him mutter, 'Can you take away this grief?' 'I'm sorry,' she replied. 'Everyone asks me. And I would not do so even if I knew how. It belongs to you. Only time and tears take away grief; that is what they are for.