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On Important Issues Quotes: And so popular culture raises issues that are very important, actually, in the country I think. You get issues of the First Amendment rights and issues of drug use, issues of AIDS, and things like that all arise naturally out of pop culture.
On Important Issues Quote: Focus on your energy today and stop dwelling on the past.
Quotes about On Important Issues: So when we're really addressing issues like poverty, you can't do that without addressing the real driver of some of those, which is stable homes, families. So that's why to me those issues are important. They're not frivolous. They're critical economic issues.
Quote about On Important Issues: I've always been very interested in fashion, but it is extremely important to me that the social and environment issues associated with the production of fashionable clothing are addressed. Made-By carries out really important work in transforming the fashion industry, and I am thrilled to support the organisation and help raise awareness of these ongoing issues.
On Important Issues Sayings: It's also important for those who promote those issues within the white community - the somewhat privileged community - to talk about issues affecting people of color
Sayings about On Important Issues: I feel it's important to talk about the complex issues affecting us. And these are complex issues. I think it's insulting to an audience to make them sit and watch a film and then give them a message in one sentence.
Saying about On Important Issues: For 30 years I have used my platform in provocative ways to encourage a healthy dialogue about important issues, including HIV/AIDS, war, and homelessness. I'm well aware of the risks that come with this approach, and if this encourages further awareness and discussion about critical issues then all-the-better.
On Important Issues Quotes: I really like 'Shameless' because it brings up important issues, but we get to talk and laugh and look at something that's really important that's a problem, like alcoholism and bad parenting. It's done in a funny, smart way.
On Important Issues Quote: I like Mitch Daniels on the fiscal conservative issues. You disagree with him on this idea that social issues, you takeoff the table. I do that for two reasons. I think the fiscal issues in a sense are a symptom of a lot of the deeper cultural issues in America. I don't think they are as disconnected as he thinks.
Quotes about On Important Issues: I think that the important thing to know is, which is great about this country [the USA], when it comes to domestic issues, we all battle it out and fight it between the parties and all those kind of things to get things done, but when it comes to foreign issues, overseas kind of things, then we all speak with one voice.
Quote about On Important Issues: Trying to suppress or eradicate symptoms on the physical level can be extremely important, but there's more to healing than that; dealing with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues involved in treating sickness is equally important.
On Important Issues Sayings: There's no doubt there are issues with clay. Our issues have issues that are issues right now. That's not a secret.
On Important Issues Saying: When you raise issues with the President, try to come away with both that decision and also a precedent. Pose issues so as to evoke broader policy guidance. This can help to answer a range of similar issues likely to arise later.
Sayings about On Important Issues: A lot of the interesting issues and dynamics within a city occur over things such as socio-economic issues or ethnic issues. But they require a much more elaborate model of human behavior.
Saying about On Important Issues: I've never felt like a trophy wife. I have been able to learn a lot in my role. The fact that you do not have any formal powers does not mean that one does not have a good starting point to give their opinion on important value questions. I really feel that I can put the spotlight on many issues that are important in Norwegian society. And I am very happy.
On Important Issues Quotes: The sad reality is that there are no purely domestic issues in Israel. Issues that would be dealt with by municipalities in other countries - such as how to deal with a dangerous bridge or how to resolve conflicts between religious and secular bus riders - become major international issues when they occur in Israel.
On Important Issues Quote: I don't feel like I've got all that much too important to say on the kind of big national issues.
Quotes about On Important Issues: A civilization in which there is not a continuous controversy about important issues is on the way to totalitarianism and death
Quote about On Important Issues: With President Obama, there's a feeling that he gets it. He has women in his life. He knows that our health care is important, that it's important able to get access to the care that we need when we need it. That's what translates. Women hear that when they hear him speak about these issues. He will be a champion and will defend us when we need it.