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On Tour Quotes: Focus on your energy today and stop dwelling on the past.
On Tour Quote: At 3 o'clock in the morning on tour when you're sober is a lot less fun than 3 a.m. when you're drunk in a bar or in a nightclub. But having said that, 9 in the morning on tour sober is immeasurably better than 9 a.m. on tour when you're hung over and feeling like death.
Quotes about On Tour: This year's Hippiefest tour is truly a 'Classic Rock 'n Blues Tour' -  a landmark, historic, musical celebration of which my band and I are  proud to be a part. It's going to be a Guitar Guru Gala of Gargantuan  proportions. For me personally, it will simply be the Greatest! So, see you at one of the dates on the tour. Believe me, this  is not one you want to miss. All I can say is Get Ready To Rock'n'Roll!!!
Quote about On Tour: So we are not doing the traditional album, tour, album, tour, album, tour anymore. We're going to tour when we want to, regardless of whether we've got a record out.
On Tour Sayings: We don't know whether or not it's the Farewell Tour odr the Jews in Space Tour, which I prefer as a title.
On Tour Saying: I want to be best golfer in the world. But I feel like golf is not everything in my life, but I want to keep doing it, keep working hard, do the best I can on the tour and give back to the tour.
Sayings about On Tour: If I could tour with anyone, I'd go with either Maroon 5, or Dave Matthews. No lets go with Sting, he will be my all time favorite...wait no I want to go on tour with the Police.
Saying about On Tour: I remember one tour with two male-fronted bands, and they had a fight over who could use the bathroom first. Then they just ended up having a beef with each other for the entire rest of the tour.
On Tour Quotes: I turned pro and won Rookie of the Year on the South African Tour and then it took me two tries at the qualifying school on the European Tour and to get my card and the rest is history.
On Tour Quote: At this point in my career I feel that the Tour takes priority. There may come a time at some point down the line where other races may take preference, but for 2015, it's the Tour.
Quotes about On Tour: If you dont tour, you cannot expect to sell a huge numbers of your albums either. It was both a business - and an economical decision and we wanted to play anyway. We just wanted to get out for the tour when it was safe enough for us.
On Tour Sayings: The truth is, if you asked me to choose between winning the Tour de France and cancer, I would choose cancer. Odd as it sounds, I would rather have the title of cancer survivor than winner of the Tour, because of what it has done for me as a human being, a man, a husband, a son, and a father.
On Tour Saying: I'm going to go out on tour when I feel like going on tour.
Sayings about On Tour: Remove the word,
Saying about On Tour: I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. President Obama began with an apology tour. America, he said, had dictated to other nations. No Mr. President, America has freed other nations from dictators.
On Tour Quotes: If another problem comes, face it head on.
Quote about On Tour: Happiness isn't solely based on the material things.