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Package One Quotes: Talk about meeting your soul mate ... I truly feel I have been given that gift. And believe me, I wasn't some lightweight package. I'm, like, the package that didn't just come with luggage - I had trunks.
Package One Quote: The immiseration of the majority is an integral part of the Free World package for the Third World, the unsavory aspects of the package - the terror, the direct spoilation of people and resources, and western complicity - must be rationalized and, as far as possible, kept under the rug.
Quotes about Package One: You know, I think the, the crucial thing, you know, we have put in place what is, is just simply the biggest, boldest recovery package in history, right; the stimulus package, biggest ever; the financial rescue, absolutely comprehensive; a housing plan - that is incredible medicine for the economy. And we fully expect it to work.
Quote about Package One: This skin, this hair, all this outside stuff. It isn't me. It's just my package. It's like the wrapper around the sweet; it isn't the sweet itself. What we really are is all inside the package. All our feelings. All our good moods and bad moods. All our ideas, our cleverness, our love, that's what a person really is. It's called a spirit.
Package One Sayings: Consistency is one key to achieving your ambitions.
Package One Saying: One day, it'll all pay off. Always remember that.
Sayings about Package One: The world still have great humans and you are one of them.
Saying about Package One: Always think that you're one step away from reaching your dreams.
Package One Quotes: If your goal scares you, then it's a very important one.
Package One Quote: Always be yourself. You are genuine, one of a kind. Be proud.
Quotes about Package One: Other people might be insecure about something. Don't be one of them.
Quote about Package One: Someday, you'll be the one who'll say
Package One Sayings: The only person responsible of pushing yourself to the limits is no one else but you.
Package One Saying: Marriage is not only a package of benefits - it's a status.
Sayings about Package One: Life is an adventure, it's not a package tour.
Saying about Package One: Here's what I tell people now when they come to my shows: 'First of all, thank you for stimulating the economy, or at least my economic package.'
Package One Quotes: There is a simple way to package information that, under the right circumstances, can make it irresistible. All you have to do is find it.
Package One Quote: We are your brothers, your daughters, your friends. We just happened to have been wrapped in a smaller package.
Quotes about Package One: The National is the most advanced package of technological wonders yet assembled under one roof.
Quote about Package One: There is no such impossible goal. The only impossible goal is the one you never worked for.