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Surpasses Them Quotes: Focus on your goals. Follow them. Work for them. Live for them.
Surpasses Them Quote: Insults mostly come from small minds. Show them your dreams are way bigger than them.
Quotes about Surpasses Them: He who surpasses or subdues mankind, must look down on the hate of those below.
Quote about Surpasses Them: In everything truth surpasses the imitation and copy.
Surpasses Them Sayings: The luxury of doing good surpasses every other personal enjoyment.
Surpasses Them Saying: Every small moment is beautiful. Cherish them all.
Sayings about Surpasses Them: How painting surpasses all human works by reason of the subtle possibilities which it contains.
Saying about Surpasses Them: Never be hesitant to accept compliments. You deserve them.
Surpasses Them Quotes: Mistakes can also be lessons in life. Value them.
Surpasses Them Quote: The splendor of a soul in grace is so seductive that it surpasses the beauty of all created things.
Quotes about Surpasses Them: Mind and intelligence are woven into the fabric of our universe in a way that altogether surpasses our understanding.
Quote about Surpasses Them: 1 year presents you with 365 opportunities. Grab them all!
Surpasses Them Sayings: Set your goals, focus, and do everything to pursue them.
Surpasses Them Saying: We are known in a depth of darkness through which we ourselves do not even dare to look. And at the same time, we are seen in a height of a fullness which surpasses our highest vision.
Sayings about Surpasses Them: When hardships come, embrace them, cry a bit and reinvent yourself.
Saying about Surpasses Them: Every person has a different story. Stop comparing yourself to them.
Surpasses Them Quotes: Your dreams are never possible if you work hard for them.
Surpasses Them Quote: The world still have great humans and you are one of them.
Quotes about Surpasses Them: Never ever let your doubters get you down. Prove them all wrong!
Quote about Surpasses Them: Set your goals, focus on them, and make an unbreakable promise to yourself.