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The Smaller Groups Quotes: Society is made up of groups, and as long as the smaller groups do not have the same rights and the same protection as others - I don['t care whether you call it capitalism or communism -it is not going to work. Somehow, the guys in power have to be reached by counterpower, or through a change in their hearts and minds, or change will not come.
The Smaller Groups Quote: Forget the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future.
Quotes about The Smaller Groups: Continue to improve. The harder your efforts, the better the spoils.
Quote about The Smaller Groups: Always speak the truth. What comes from the heart can silence the noises of lies.
The Smaller Groups Sayings: It is within your hands to be frustrated in life or not. Just your expectations should become smaller, smaller, smaller, and in the same proportion the frustration will become smaller. A day will come when there will be no expectation; then you will never come across any frustration.
The Smaller Groups Saying: Historically, unfortunately, race seems to be the major division that humanity has imposed on itself, a way of subdividing into smaller groups.
Sayings about The Smaller Groups: In the second half of the 20th century, people are becoming more limited: Vocabularies are smaller, thoughts are smaller, aspirations are smaller, everything is very scaled down. Everyone is typecast.
The Smaller Groups Quotes: It is a simple matter to plant trees in straight lines, but informal groupings will test the sensitivities of the most experienced planter and the smaller the groups the more difficult they are to place.
The Smaller Groups Quote: If you look back at history or you look at any place in the world where religious groups or ethnic groups or racial groups or political groups are killing each other, or families have been feuding for years and years, you can see - because you're not particularly invested in that particular argument - that there will never be peace until somebody softens what is rigid in their heart.
Quotes about The Smaller Groups: Fly through the skies with the wings of courage.
Quote about The Smaller Groups: Forget the past and focus on the future.
The Smaller Groups Sayings: Always make the man in the mirror proud.
The Smaller Groups Saying: The best weapon in the universe are books.
Sayings about The Smaller Groups: Neglect the bad things and focus on the good ones.
Saying about The Smaller Groups: If doubts darken the room, let your faith provide the light.
The Smaller Groups Quotes: Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
The Smaller Groups Quote: Spend time with the right people. They radiate the brightness in you.
Quotes about The Smaller Groups: Don't stop climbing until you reach the peak of the mountain.
Quote about The Smaller Groups: In the face of fear, let the courage from your heart rise.