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Thoughts Come Quotes: Do not allow your thoughts to become greater than you. No matter what your thoughts tell you, don't listen. Remember your thoughts are not your friend. Your thoughts try to confound you, confuse you. And they will tell you all kinds of things. Do not listen to your thoughts, even your good thoughts. Transcend everything, go beyond your thoughts to your bliss, to your joy and to your happiness.
Thoughts Come Quote: The storm will come. So does your strength to endure it.
Quotes about Thoughts Come: When hardships come, embrace them, cry a bit and reinvent yourself.
Quote about Thoughts Come: Jesus liberated us from religion. Jesus taught simple religious practices over major theorizing. ... The only thoughts Jesus told us to police were our own: our own negative thoughts, our own violent thoughts, our own hateful thoughts-not other people's thoughts.
Thoughts Come Sayings: Your happiness depends upon your very own thoughts. No one else can think your thoughts for you. Deliberately think thoughts of what you want because they're the thoughts that make you happy.
Thoughts Come Saying: Insults mostly come from small minds. Show them your dreams are way bigger than them.
Sayings about Thoughts Come: The thoughts you think create your feelings and emotions. The thoughts you think are the key factor in what you say and do. The entire quality of your life is totally dependent on the thoughts you choose to think focus on. Choose thoughts of gratitude. You will be tremendously grateful that you did.
Saying about Thoughts Come: Do not worry at all about negative thoughts, and do not try to control them. All you have to do is begin to think good thoughts each day. Plant as many good thoughts as you can in each day. As you begin to think good thoughts you will attract more and more good thoughts, and eventually the good thoughts will wipe out the negative thoughts altogether.
Thoughts Come Quotes: When I'm awake, I don't want to go to sleep. I don't want the hassle of turning the light off, putting my head down and then all the thoughts. I don't want al those thoughts... thoughts feed on thoughts feed on thoughts feed on thoughts feed on thoughts and I'm: 'I don't want this'. I have to knock myself out to go to sleep.
Thoughts Come Quote: When you're about to quit, remind yourself that you have come this far and you should keep going.
Quotes about Thoughts Come: First thoughts have tremendous energy. The internal censor usually squelches them, so we live in the realm of second and third thoughts, thoughts on thought, twice and three times removed from the direct connection of the first fresh flash.
Quote about Thoughts Come: My principal failing as a writer is the lack of spontaneity; the nuisance of parallel thoughts, second thoughts, third thoughts; inability to express myself properly in any language unless I compose every damned sentence in my bath, in my mind, at my desk.
Thoughts Come Sayings: During any moment in which you're experiencing thoughts that make you feel sick or bad, do your best to change them to thoughts that support the idea of feeling good. Refuse to talk about disease, and work to activate thoughts that predict recovery and overall well-being.
Thoughts Come Saying: What are your thoughts?' 'My thoughts?' I replied, before I even realized what I was saying. 'My thoughts created my world.' Mac sat up in his seat. He scrunched his curls with his hands, perplexed. 'Who said that?' I told him the truth. 'Oh, just someone I used to know,' I said, stroking the naked skin on my middle finger.
Sayings about Thoughts Come: When we wake up to the fact that our thoughts touch the people we are thinking about, we are again asked to choose which thoughts we send out. If we send out the thoughts of the heart, we can heal, even if the person who needs healing is far away.
Saying about Thoughts Come: I think my most shameful thoughts are the things people relate to the most, because everyone has questionable thoughts sometimes, and it's easy to feel incredibly alienated and lonely when you feel like nobody else is having those thoughts too.
Thoughts Come Quotes: What thoughts are so important that it is worth holding on to them even when they make you miserable? Why are you holding on? You are in charge of your thoughts and feelings. If you are willing to search for the reason that you can't let go of disturbing thoughts, you can learn about yourself and restore your own peace of mind.
Thoughts Come Quote: First Sight means you can see what really is there, and Second Thoughts mean thinking about what you are thinking. And in Tiffany's case, there were sometimes Third Thoughts and Fourth Thoughts although these...sometimes led her to walk into doors.
Quotes about Thoughts Come: You want to become aware of your thoughts, you want to choose your thoughts carefully and you want to have fun with this, because you are the masterpiece of your own life. You are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David that you are sculpting is you. And you do it with your thoughts.
Quote about Thoughts Come: All thoughts are just junk. Essentially, they are coming from the limited experience of past. These thoughts are useful for your survival process. You've picked up some amount of information; you want to survive in the world; this information is useful. If you're looking at life itself, these thoughts are meaningless.