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Treated As Individuals Quotes: Born as someone, die as somebody.
Treated As Individuals Quote: It doesn't matter how slow you progress. As long as you're moving, that's a step closer to your dreams.
Quotes about Treated As Individuals: Good-looking individuals are treated better than homely ones in virtually every social situation, from dating to trial by jury.
Quote about Treated As Individuals: My studies have proven conclusively that untreated cancer victims actually live up to four times longer than treated individuals.
Treated As Individuals Sayings: I used to comfort myself with the belief that it was only certain individuals and their peculiar notions that spoilt things for the rest of us. But how many individuals does it take before it's not the individuals who are prejudiced but society itself?
Sayings about Treated As Individuals: Ants offer special advantages for some important kinds of basic biological research. The colony is a superorganism. It can be analyzed as a coherent unit and compared with the organism in the design of experiments, with the individuals treated as the rough analogues of cells.
Saying about Treated As Individuals: Everything is temporary, so as your dark days.
Treated As Individuals Quotes: Live every day as if it's your last.
Treated As Individuals Quote: Keep a positive attitude as you learn from your failures.
Quotes about Treated As Individuals: If nothing works as planned, learn from it and adjust.
Quote about Treated As Individuals: I'm just not prepared to be treated like this anymore.' 'Treated like what?' She sighed, and it was a moment before she spoke. 'Like you always want to be somewhere else, with someone else.
Treated As Individuals Sayings: A group of women who valued motherhood, but valued it on their own timetable, began to make a new claim, one that had never surfaced in the abortion debate before this, that abortion was a woman's right. Most significantly, they argued that this right to abortion was essential to their right to equality -- the right to be treated as individuals rather than as potential mothers.
Treated As Individuals Saying: The little seed grew from dirt. As you will triumph over your struggles.
Saying about Treated As Individuals: Let your doubters watch you as you slowly progress.
Treated As Individuals Quotes: The reality is that the nationalist community in Northern Ireland were treated almost like animals by the unionist community. They were not treated like human beings. It was like the Nazis treatment of the Jews.
Treated As Individuals Quote: I only ask of the Government to be treated as all other men are treated. If I cannot go to my own home, let me have a home in a country where my people will not die so fast.
Quotes about Treated As Individuals: I'm happy with my career but I could have been happier if I could have been treated like a champion should have been treated because management and fighters take advantage of fighters.
Quote about Treated As Individuals: Be imaginative. Visualize your own goals as you move closer and closer to them.