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Unreality Of Death Quotes: The body is imaginary, and we bow to the tyranny of a phantom. Love is a privilege perception, the most total and lucid not only of the unreality of the world but of our own unreality: not only do we traverse a realm of shadows; but ourselves are shadows.
Unreality Of Death Quote: The institutions of college athletics exist primarily as unreality fueled by deceit. The unreality is that universities should be in the business of providing large spectacles of mass entertainment. The fundamental absurdity of that notion requires the promulgation of the various deceits necessary to carry it out.
Quotes about Unreality Of Death: Grief is selfish. It is indulged in for self-gratification, not for love. Cosmic man knows the beauty and unreality of death.
Quote about Unreality Of Death: Thoughts that deny reincarnation are transformed in the next life into an inner unreality, an inner emptiness of life; this inner unreality and emptiness are experienced as torment, as disharmony.
Unreality Of Death Sayings: Breathe and think of solutions instead of crying in defeat.
Unreality Of Death Saying: Procrastination is the death of progress.
Sayings about Unreality Of Death: Be happy of the achievements of others.
Saying about Unreality Of Death: You are the main character of your story, the determinant of its ending.
Unreality Of Death Quotes: Your dreams are just waiting for you on the otherside of the wall of your fears.
Unreality Of Death Quote: The greatness of your success is determined by the greatness of your effort.
Quotes about Unreality Of Death: Don't be afraid of stress. Let stress be afraid of you.
Quote about Unreality Of Death: Someone's killed 100,000 people. We're almost going,
Unreality Of Death Saying: The deadliest Pharisaism today is not hypocrisy, but unconscious unreality.
Sayings about Unreality Of Death: Everybody is afraid of death for the simple reason that we have not tasted of life yet. The man who knows what life is, is never afraid of death; he welcomes death. Whenever death comes he hugs death, he embraces death, he welcomes death, he receives death as a guest. To the man who has not known what life is, death is an enemy; and to the man who knows what life is, death is the ultimate crescendo of life.
Saying about Unreality Of Death: What happens to the wide-eyed observer when the window between reality and unreality breaks and the glass begins to fly?
Unreality Of Death Quotes: Birth leads to death, death precedes birth. So if you want to see life as it really is, it is rounded on both the sides by death. Death is the beginning and death is again the end, and life is just the illusion in between. You feel alive between two deaths; the passage joining one death to another you call life. Buddha says this is not life. This life is dukkha - misery. This life is death.
Unreality Of Death Quote: The greatest mystery in life is not life itself, but death. Death is the culmination of life, the ultimate blossoming of life. In death the whole life is summed up, in death you arrive. Life is a pilgrimage towards death. From the very beginning, death is coming. From the moment of birth, death has started coming towards you, you have started moving towards death.
Quote about Unreality Of Death: [There are, in us] possibilities that take our breath away, and show a world wider than either physics or philistine ethics can imagine. Here is a world in which all is well, in spite of certain forms of death, death of hope, death of strength, death of responsibility, of fear and wrong, death of everything that paganism, naturalism and legalism pin their trust on.