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Well In School Quotes: Discipline isn't only learned in school.
Well In School Quote: Sometimes, home can be found not in a place but in you.
Quotes about Well In School: Wisdom and intelligence are not learned in school alone.
Quote about Well In School: Wake up in the morning with the undying motivation in your heart.
Well In School Sayings: The happiest people in life are the forgivers, not those who live their lives in hate.
Well In School Saying: Remove people who bring negativities in your life. Always keep in mind that you always have the choice.
Sayings about Well In School: Success won't happen overnight. It may take years but keep in mind that it will be sweet in the end.
Saying about Well In School: We attract what we believe so believe in your dreams and most importantly, believe in yourself.
Well In School Quotes: Boost your happiness and well-being instead of complaining.
Well In School Quote: Strength and trust always go well with each other.
Quotes about Well In School: Pause from working hard and reward yourself a well-deserved break.
Quote about Well In School: Pause from work and find time to have fun. You need a well-deserved rest too.
Well In School Sayings: If you haven't been informed yet, well, better things are coming. Don't quit.
Well In School Saying: I really had a rough time in middle school. Middle school to me was the way most people explain high school. Then in high school I had a blast. I basically did everything that you would do in high school or in college, so it really wasn't a difficult thing to pull out.
Sayings about Well In School: I had a hard time at school because I worked, so I was quite often out of school, which meant that I didn't make many friends. It can happen to child actors, because you're not in the school environment. And I did miss that school environment and being around people.
Saying about Well In School: Trust in your abilities.
Well In School Quotes: When I went to high school, an all-boys' school, a Catholic school, I tried out for football, and I didn't make it. It was the first time, athletically, that I was knocked down.
Well In School Quote: I once read somewhere that Sean Connery left school at the age of 13 and later went on to read Proust and Finnegans Wake and I keep expecting to meet an enthusiastic school leaver on the train, the type of person who only ever reads something because it is marvellous (and so hated school). Unfortunately the enthusiastic school leavers are all minding their own business.
Quotes about Well In School: I was definitely a thespian of sorts in elementary school. I went to a real small private school and every year I participated in the talent shows and the school plays, all of 'em.
Quote about Well In School: In all circumstances, maintain your composure.