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Writers Of Books Quotes: Before writers are writers they are readers, living in books, through books, in the lives of others that are also the heads of others, in that act that is so intimate and yet so alone.
Writers Of Books Quote: The reason some crime writers have a chip on their shoulder about the label is because their good books are shelved beside books about nuns and birdwatchers and cats who solve crimes. Overseas, my books are reviewed alongside those of authors like Robert Stone and Don DeLillo, and I have to live and die by that comparison. They don't ghettoize crime writers in other countries, and of course they shouldn't.
Quotes about Writers Of Books: At the same time, I think books create a sort of network in the reader's mind, with one book reinforcing another. Some books form relationships. Other books stand in opposition. No two writers or readers have the same pattern of interaction.
Quote about Writers Of Books: Whatever solidarity I have established with other writers individually, it is usually organized around books. We connected as readers, as it were, not writers.
Writers Of Books Sayings: Breathe and think of solutions instead of crying in defeat.
Writers Of Books Saying: Be happy of the achievements of others.
Sayings about Writers Of Books: Not that the writers weren't good. I believe in those books and those writers very much. It's just that in the climate it's really hard to keep the lights on and the doors open when you're selling poetry and literature that appeals to a fringe audience.
Saying about Writers Of Books: Miss Abigail, I want to be an author because writers know when a person is lonely. I mean, when Molly read me some books, those writers reached out and said, Look Gideon, we know about your loneliness and we know you're feeling downtrodden. And they said...I'll stand up for you. You're not lone anymore.
Writers Of Books Quotes: How often have I met and disliked writers whose books I love; and conversely, hated the books and then wound up liking the writer? Too often.
Writers Of Books Quote: You are the main character of your story, the determinant of its ending.
Quotes about Writers Of Books: I enjoy working with writers and their scripts. It's very exciting to me. Eventually I would like to produce, direct and act onstage, but it's not a heavy pressure. When I do it, I want to do it well. I'm just educating myself with writers and scripts, because I didn't read a lot of books when I was growing up.
Quote about Writers Of Books: You're all alone when you're a writer. Sometimes you just feel you need a humanity bath. Even a ride on the subway will do that. But it's much more interesting to talk about books. After all, that's what life used to be for writers: they talk books, politics, history, America. Nothing has replaced that.
Writers Of Books Sayings: Compared to men writers of like distinction and years of life, few women writers have had lives of unbroken productivity, or leave behind a 'body of work.' Early beginnings, then silence; or clogged late ones (foreground silences); long periods between books (hidden silences); characterize most of us.
Writers Of Books Saying: Your dreams are just waiting for you on the otherside of the wall of your fears.
Sayings about Writers Of Books: How some of the writers I come across get through their books without dying of boredom is beyond me.
Saying about Writers Of Books: Books are the ultimate way for writers to reach immortality.
Writers Of Books Quotes: The greatness of your success is determined by the greatness of your effort.
Writers Of Books Quote: Most book things now (with a few exceptions) are just built around nice, safe books written for nice and safe book club readers. These are usually the books you see on display at Barnes and Noble. These Internet writers are like literary terrorists to me. They're training as we speak. They're getting ready to invade. They're building an army.
Quotes about Writers Of Books: Don't be afraid of stress. Let stress be afraid of you.
Quote about Writers Of Books: The rest, with very little exaggeration, was books. Meant-to-be-picked-up books. Permanently-left-behind books. Uncertain-what-to-do-with books. But books, books. Tall cases lined three walls of the room, filled to and beyond capacity. The overflow had been piled in stacks on the floor. There was little space left for walking, and none whatever for pacing.