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Enthusiasm Quotes: Even without the mushroom cloud still I would have hated Listen I would have done the same things even if there were no death I will not be held like a drunkard under the cold tap of facts I refuse the universal alibi
Enthusiasm Quote: What can we put into the hands of people under oppressive regimes to help them? For me, a big part of it is information, knowledge - the ability to defeat propaganda by understanding it.
Quote about Enthusiasm: I wanted to know the name of every stone and flower and insect and bird and beast. I wanted to know where it got its color, where it got its life - but there was no one to tell me.
Enthusiasm Sayings: The machinery of destruction is complete, poised on a hair trigger, waiting for the 'button' to be 'pushed' by some misguided or deranged human being or for some faulty computer chip to send out the instruction to fire. That so much should be balanced on so fine a point--that the fruit of four and a half billion years can be undone in a careless moment--is a fact against which belief rebels.
Enthusiasm Saying: The billion people who wake up every day trying to figure out if they have enough food to eat won't be at Davos.
Sayings about Enthusiasm: Each day has its own individuality of color.
Saying about Enthusiasm: And now, my friend, I am going to expose to you all my weaknesses. All men, I believe, are under a necessity of paying tribute at some time or other to Love, and it is vain to strive to avoid it. I was a philosopher, yet this tyrant of the mind triumphed over all my wisdom; his darts were of greater force than all my reasonings, and with a sweet constraint he led me wherever he pleased.
Enthusiasm Quotes: The conservative feels safe and content only if he is assured that some higher wisdom watches and supervises change, only if he knows that some authority is charged with keeping the change
Enthusiasm Quote: Every country has its cocktail-party question. A simple one-sentence query, the answer to which unlocks a motherlode of information about the person you just met.... In Switzerland it is, Where are you from? That is all you need to know about someone.
Quotes about Enthusiasm: Find the good. Seek the Unity. Ignore the divisions among us.
Enthusiasm Sayings: Your life is supposed to feel good to you.
Sayings about Enthusiasm: I know my family and I would always go up to the mountains just for fun. We always skied. Then, all of a sudden, my brother started snow boarding. Older brother thing, I had to do what he was doing. So I started snow boarding.
Saying about Enthusiasm: Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.
Enthusiasm Quotes: If a socialist economy is opened up to increasing degrees of market forces, a point will be reached at which democratic governance becomes a possibility.
Enthusiasm Quote: I think a lot of ex-addicts. They find a lot of humor in what they did because they lived through it.
Quotes about Enthusiasm: A cement mixer collided with a prison van on the Kingston Pass. Motorists are asked to be on the lookout for 16 hardened criminals.
Quote about Enthusiasm: The most important people at Liverpool Football Club are the people who want to be here.