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Happiness Quotes: The rigidity of a bottle's form does not affect the fluidity of the liquid it contains.
Happiness Quote: The ultimate lesson is learning how to love and be loved unconditionally
Quotes about Happiness: I auditioned nine times for 'Delhi Belly,' and it was torturous!
Quote about Happiness: Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
Happiness Sayings: The truth is ugly: we have art so as not to perish from the truth.
Happiness Saying: How do you know, Dan? You were so young when they died. Do you really remember them?
Sayings about Happiness: What the deuce is it to me?
Saying about Happiness: Personally, I'd rather grow old alone than in the company of anyone I've met so far. I don't experience myself as lonely, incomplete, or unfulfilled, but I don't talk about that much. It seems to piss people off--especially men. (Kinsey Millhone)
Happiness Quotes: Nolan Bushnell, the creator of the Atari video game system, once stated, 'Everyone who's ever taken a shower has had an idea, It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off, and does something about it who makes a difference.
Happiness Quote: I had a lot of anger against the way things 'should be done' - conforming to social norms, ticking boxes to gain acceptance. Frustration at the pointlessness and predictability of smalltalk. Oh and a lot of anger about tea, which the British seem to use to avoid actually saying anything.
Quotes about Happiness: I remember when TiVO first came out I was all about TiVo. I came home and that thing was frozen, and I thought 'This is awful. This is the end of the world'. Then I unplugged it, and I plugged it back in, and still frozen. It was paralyzing. I called them. They said, 'Just unplug it longer.' Fixed. But it also taught me I'm an addict.
Quote about Happiness: The consequences of a crime should not be out of proportion to the crime itself.
Happiness Sayings: Years ago I had a house in Sussex, it was like Arcadia, with an old Victorian bridge, a pond and the Downs.
Happiness Saying: My daughter comes with me everywhere. I don't leave her behind. But it is hard. I mean, I think any working mother will tell you that what kind of falls by the wayside, you know, are the hours of sleep that you wish you had, and all that. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed, but I do sometimes feel like that exorcist lady!
Saying about Happiness: Music forecasts the past, recalls the future. Now and then the difference falls away, and in one simple gift of circling sound, the ear solves the scrambled cryptogram. One abiding rhythm, present and always, and you're free. But a few measures more, and the cloak of time closes back around you.
Happiness Quotes: To my father, business was the highest calling, but to my mother, medicine was the top profession.
Happiness Quote: For me, beauty and fashion are always connected. One doesn't exist without the other. Make up is a key element of the Gucci runway show
Quotes about Happiness: I feel like my brain is more geared towards a novel than it is to a movie.
Quote about Happiness: Instead of me keeping my art a personal thing, we can use it to save lives, change lives and inspire.